Experimenting with Essential Oils in Yoga Class


I’ve always have liked essential oils. For me, it increases the pampering and pleasant experiences of wonderful things like getting a massage, facial and even yoga classes. I even like to add essential oils to my bath water, foot bath water, and candle warmers or diffusers for my home.

Since I teach yoga, I’ve wanted to include the essential oil experience into my classes. Just recently, I started exploring the idea and introducing my classes to them. Before I brought oils into class, I felt like I needed to do some research as I am a novice with so much to learn. For instance, I was curious as to what types of oils I should use for various effects. Also, I was concerned about application. Do I apply oils to the skin and if so where/how? Do I spritz oil around the room and if I did this, what would…

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Rochelle Roll Back Yoga Pose For Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Authority

Rochelle Roll Back Yoga Pose For Breast CancerAuthor: Diana Ross, E-RYT 500, Posted By:Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

In Breast Cancer Yoga, the use of props are essential for a person to feel safe, supported and nurtured. These specific, reclined, supported, yoga poses combined with deep breaths are intended to support recovery from breast cancer and assist in managing lymphedema and cancer-related fatigue. In our book, “Restorative Yoga For Breast Cancer Recovery” everyone will learn the importance of elongating the spine while opening the chest region using props for support . The mild inversions are used to create an anti-gravitational force in the pose which will renew energy, promote positive thoughts and enhance self esteem.

“Importantly, when props are used correctly, they allow the body to come into a natural and balanced state of alignment. When the body is aligned, the mind feels balanced as well. Once the body and the mind unite, the breath too…

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