Estrogenic Cooked Meat Carcinogens

Breast Cancer and Meat.

Breast Cancer Authority

Cooked Meat Causes CancerBy: Michael Greger, NutrionFacts.Org.

In the 90’s two international studies found an association between breast cancer and intake of fried meat and broiled meat in Finland and Uruguay. In 2000 researchers in Iowa identified the probable culprit, a heterocyclic amine abbreviated PhIP. Heterocyclic amines are a class of ubiquitous mutagens found in cooked meats, poultry, fish, and cigarette smoke.

Studies found an association between breast cancer and intake of fried meat and broiled meat

The effect was confirmed on Long Island, and extended to grilled barbequed and smoked meats but why more breast cancer risk? Well, these cooked meat carcinogens are mutagenic, meaning they damage DNA; in fact you can directly correlate the number of DNA mutations in breast tissue with estimates of dietary intake.

They asked women undergoing breast reduction surgery about their meat cooking methods and found that the intake o processed, fried, and stir-fried meat associated…

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How to make your own mala…easy peasy…

Mala bead making

Lakshmi Loves To Shop

mala 4

I have recently discovered the complete joy of making malas. And guess what…it’s really easy! So why make your own mala?

  • You can choose exactly the colour, type and size of beads you want.
  • You can personalise your mala to be a little part of you.
  • You can give malas as “gifts made with love” to your friends and family.
  • Saying your mantra as you make your mala imbues the mala with special intention.
  • You will be the envy of everyone in your yoga class even if you can’t do a head-stand!

Watching a video is a great way to instantly get a feel for making a mala. I watched the following video on You Tube and it really helped to get me started.

mala 7

What you need to make your mala:

  • beading board (optional)
  • 104 beads, 4 marker beads, 1 guru bead (large bead for bottom of your mala)
  • beading cord, beading needle (I have just purchased…

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